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Incredible work!! Congratulations!!

I upload & delete, & keep trying, cuz it wont play my........


  • Oh it wont play on my computer. I'm having trouble with it, by the way looks great

Any word of a Mac version?


looks like it's currently not supported for mac.

But will there be support for it though? Cause I'm curious about trying it out on my Mac.


as soon as unreal engine supports building mac on windows i'll build a mac version.


Wow this game looks so good, you put so much hard work into this, I really enjoyed playing this :D

I'm on Windows 32 bits and it says I need 64 bits to play the game :(

Isn't there any 32 bits version?

you're on 32 bit windows? what are your specs?

Processor: intel(R) core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @ 3.2.0GHz 3.33GHz


graphics card is the most important

intel hd graphics

But I think it's because unreal engine 4 isn't supported by 32 bits devices :/

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I just made a video on this I love it, hope the game doesn't get taken down, good luck

gracias por el demo de esste genial juego

Castlevania - Remake

Eu realmente apreciei o projeto, e o que eu curti bastante é a ideia da física que você impôs no jogo. Digo, quando o personagem cai de uma determinada altura ele alivia a queda pondo as mãos no chão. Os efeitos de luz estão muito bons também!

Nice job!

the fall effect was in the original as well actually, it's just that he crouched for a bit instead of falling to his hands.


Espero por futuras versões para poder testar novamente o game. :)


This was a ton of fun!

Super stoked to keep up with this game :) Great work thus far!


thanks! enjoyed the vid :)

Thank you!

Having grown up on the OG Castlevania, this remake brings back all those memories.

It's definitely not without its flaws. I couldn't figure out any of the attack buttons on the XB1 controller, my character froze several times, & the animations do need a little more work on.

Overall, it's still an enjoyable experience. I hope you can perfect it and release the entire game in the Unreal engine!

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yeah, it looks like you also played the older version, i did an update over the weekend, which has xbox controller support, some improvements to the whipping (although it's still far from perfect) and improvements to the staircase code.

update next weekend, i'll see if i can iron out all of the whip issues, and put up a pause menu control scheme.

This is awesome a true masterpiece. Would you consider remaking Zombies Ate My Neighbors in Unreal?

Is it free



Great stuff, man!

I ran into a couple problems it seems. It seems like every once in a while, the whip won't work at all for about 3 seconds while I'm pressing the button. It also feels like there's a frame rate drop once I entered the castle. Maybe speed up the whipping animation just slightly as well.

yeah the whipping is still a work in progress, even though i've poured probably 30-40 hours of work into it....

please what is requirements for play that game in windows ??

download, unzip, and play

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Hi! I'm producer. I would like colabore with you in this proyect doing the music. Please advise me if you are interested. Thank you! ;)

PD: Here is an example that I was doing a lot of years ago:

I start the game and it gives all these Oculus popups for SteamVR and if I close those windows the game itself quits. Can't even play the game.

rgr i'll look into it during the weekend. you have an oculus rift, right?

hmm, i looked at it and i couldn't find any way of turning off VR functionality in unreal.

i'll take another look next weekend.

I am 3d artist, maybe we can work together it would be fun to make a character here and there

that's nice, i could certainly need some help.

ok cool what is best way to contact you?

try my email dejawolfs _at gmail _dot _com. you can also try skype "raino sommer" or steam "dejawolf"

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Hi, im developer. I have a limited time because my full time job, but i can give you a hand in free time too with some tasks. if you are interested contact me. I would be very excited to take part of this big adventure :D

Edited: I've realized that is not possible to send private messages :S (i've only registered to download this) so just tell me and i contact you by some channel you posted before ;)

any helping hands are welcome.

NÃO compativel com controle do xbox 360 ?

should have better compatibility with xbox controller now.

excellent works.......sorry but my xbox360 pad work badly is only my problem?

the problem is i didn't do any setup for the xbox controller. i'll have a look at it next weekend.

thanks i waiting for it

new version should have better support for xb controller.

Amazing! Really cool work! Is the full game? What's the possibility of you do something like that with Symphony of The Night?

it's currently only 1 and a half levels. with the current development speed, i probably won't have time for a SOTN remake in the next 5-10 years.

Fantastic work.

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Amazing, can you make the symphony of the night remake ??

i can, the issue is just time, and being only a single person working during weekends. with proper funding and a team though...

If you kickstarted that I'm sure it would get funded. SOTN is one of the most beloved castlevania games and people are hungry for more. I would personally contribute as much as I could.

it is kickstarted, but i got several people saying i'm probably gonna end up being DMCA'd by konami, even though it's a kickstarter for the license

doen't run very well on my potato ,audio is stuttering

yeah, i might have to make a version for potatoes


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Wow ,this is a nice surprise to wake up to :)

Downloading now.

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Hey, it is amazing! It is in the same pace as the original, but the art composition passes a feel close to that sensation at the comings of the firsts 3d games in that time. I think the feel at now is that is so realistic, graces to the engine! Great job!

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:) yeah i was trying to go for the feel of the old game, with the graphics on the level of the covers you usually saw in those days.


Deleted 1 year ago

i'll look into it, and a mac version

I would love to play it on mac :(

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