A downloadable game for Windows

Remake of Castlevania in unreal, that i've been hammering away at for the past.. well a year now.


finally got a C&D from Konami.
they've allowed me to keep the files up for now, but all development and updates must be ceased.
there's a small glimmer of hope though, Jay from Konami UK will do what he can to see if it's possible to get an official license.

update 07.11.2016

fixed dogs getting stuck when jumping.

fixed climbing issues on some blocks

improved heavy fall stun effect, to make it more like the original.

added medusa boss with placeholder, endlevel pearl etc.

did more adjusting of light on level 1.

fixed some pickup sounds that had gotten broken due to bug with unreal parent->child relationship.

adjusted lights on candles, which should improve framerate.

created a normal map for the bossbat on level 1.

bat should no longer pass through wall on level 1.

adjusted the wallchicken wall, it should now break like in the original.

adjusted platform movement. they now move on a sine curve like the original.

added pause menu help screen. press enter to see it.

Update 31.10.2016

framerate is now massively improved in certain areas.

the culprit was dynamic lights from particle effects on chandeliers on the roof.

i made those lights static, and turned off the particle effects, and i'm now able to run those areas at over 30 fps on my laptop with a geforce GTX 860M with no loss of visual fidelity. the middle section of level 1 however has temporarily become a bit of a performance hog however, due to some testing i'm doing with deferred decals, so the laptop is struggling with those areas.

i'll probably have to bake down those areas into textures instead or something. whip control has also been improved quite a bit. but i think i'll work some more on that still. level 1 has been shortened a bit to conform more with the originals size. particularly the begin area was too long. i've also brightened up a few spots here and there, and proofed myself from an unreal bug which causes child blueprints to sometimes reset all values for no reason.

oh and i added a 32-bit download. no guarantees that it will run well on such old machines though.

video of current progress:

More information

Published132 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagscastlevania, nintendo, Remake

Install instructions

to play, simply unzip and click on the icon that says "Castlevania1"


vania32.rar (497 MB)
vania64.part1.rar (300 MB)
vania64.part2.rar (217 MB)


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simply go to this page from your web browser


and download the 32bit and thats it

I cant unpack the firts part. My rar opener says it cant be opened because it could be damaged

idk what's wrong, but it doesn't install. i tried part 1 & 2. the install button never rurns to play.

Why do you not simply rename this game and its characters to something else that's not copyrighted?

Easy way to turn a passion into a profit. Listen to this advice.

Hi dejawolf, I want to try this game but I have download issues with the rar files. I'm not sure if I have a network problem since I could download other files. I'm wondering if you have like a cloud file for this one. Thanks in Advance. :)

The game looks awesome. And at least as far as im concerned, Konami can go suck a bag of d**ks. Keep up the great work.

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This game is super impressive! Huge Castlevania fan here so I'm really sad to read about the C&D. I too have worked on a fan remake that the got the old C&D treatment. Really sucks. Glad to read that Konami sees that there's at least a conversation to be had there though. I hope your talks go better than mine did. Regardless though, you've done something really impressive here. Quite a feat.

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I have a error: Out of video memory trying to allocate a rendering rosource. Make sure your video card has the minimum required memory, try lowering the resolution and/or closing other applications that are running. Exiting...

I have: windows 7, intel core i5, 64 bit,

Please help

what's your video card/graphics card?

Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

intel HD is far from good enough to run it properly.

I updated the drivers and it works but jams.

You can also add a start-up screen.

I can not download, access denied

that's strange, just checked, and there was no issue for me.

If you obtain something from Jay, please write this guy a message: Shadow Moses

His project is already cancelled because of Konami.

yeah, well Jay actually mentioned shadow moses in our talk.

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Airam Hernández (Shadow Moses) changed his project and created a "museum" (download on his twitter account). It seems museums are acceptable. I have no idea what kind of license he obtained.

An alternative could be a "clone": Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (a clone from VIPs), 20XX (Mega Man X clone), Freedom Planet (a modern Sonic the Hedgehog clone), ... A clone is legally salable and you don't need a license. Just don't be too obvious, if you want to avoid new problems.



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A C&D? Finally. LOL. Who didn't see that coming?!

Those mofos at Konami won't either make a decent remake themselves, nor they'll let anyone do the job for them - for FREE!

You weren't making any profit off this so what the heck is their problem?!

Please come up with a way to continue to work on this. Don't stop. This game must be completed!

You can go to Gamejolt. There are other games on there too that are properties of some publishers, but they are still being modded or remade.

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Amazing this is the remake I have always wanted for my all time favorite game. This is gorgeous! Konami should be funding you since they don't care about taking the time for a quality remake that fans can get behind. We need a petition!

Thanks for the great work

I have an issue with extracting vania.part2.rar https://i.imgur.com/DHCORWb.png

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Use WinRAR and extract part1 with part2 present in the same folder. Part2 will then extract automatically with no errors. If you use another program like 7zip and unpack individually you will get an error on part2.

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I wish I could play it on a mac :( Nice idea Man!. Also good luck with the official licence from Konami!

Dude I really want to pick your brain on this

Hello, I am a Spanish girl and just started youtube channel. I've heard that you've created this game and I thought my channel upload your project to support you. I have already downloaded it and I really want to try it. You've done a good job Betygammer

Great! I want it for android ^_^


it'll probably melt your android :P

LOVE IT. The 1.5 sec. lag between keypress and action is maddening, but good lord is it goregeous.

hmm, 1.5 second lag?

Yep. Walking/whipping seems fine, but jumping has at least a second of lag between press and action. The rest of the game runs flawlessly.

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